Reasons to use graphics tablet

Nowadays it is hard to imagine working on graphics, animation and more without graphics tablet! Although the very idea of creating a tablet is not new, with the advent of newer and more advanced devices for design and computer graphics – you can see their popularity growing gradually. What is behind the success of graphic tablets?

Here are 10 reasons why it is worth using a graphics tablet.

1. Irreplaceable in graphic design, animation and more.

Drawing tablet is the best alternative to other devices connected to the computer – mouse, trackball and other pointing devices to be used to design, create animations etc. A drawing tablet consists of a flat pad and a special electronic pen called a pen. It was designed to make digital graphics easier, more accessible and more precise.

2. The graphic tablet is compatible with most programs

People who are just planning to buy their first graphic tablet or are considering changing it do not need to worry about limitations related to software synchronization of both devices. Graphic tablets are compatible with most software available on the market. Thanks to that, amateur users can use basic programs, which are used e.g. for photo processing, and professionals from more advanced.

3. Easy and quick connection

Graphic tablets can be quickly and easily connected to a computer with a simple USB cable. Each project saved on the tablet is transformed into a digital file that can be freely managed – edited, uploaded, printed, just like any other file. After connecting the tablet and installing the drivers it should work immediately.

4. Thanks to its mobility it is perfect for people working on the road

A graphics tablet with a display can also be a stand-alone, mobile design and drawing device. The high-quality display allows you to display your work directly on the device – without having to connect to a computer. The graphic display tablet is also suitable for stationary use. Many people appreciate it for its ability to create projects on the tablet, without the need to monitor the progress of work on the computer screen, which results in a more direct creative process.

5. Graphic tablets are ecological and zero waste

Working on a graphics tablet is environmentally friendly. People who reduce paper consumption will certainly appreciate the tablet’s performance. Thanks to it everyone can create images, sketches and projects without using paper. Every mistake can be easily corrected without throwing away the paper. It is also an interesting and developing alternative drawing blocks for younger users.

6. Comfortable for people with carpal tunnel syndrome

People not connected with the art industry value graphic tablets for their greater ergonomics when entering data. People who struggle with carpal tunnel syndrome, for example, feel extremely uncomfortable working with a classic computer mouse. The characteristic position of the hand on the mouse exerts additional mechanical pressure on the nerve and not only deepens neuropathy, but often prevents normal work.

7. Amazing feather sensitivity

Touching the pen on the surface of the graphics tablet works in the same way as a mouse click. At the opposite end of the pen there is a special eraser which, like the traditional pencil eraser, allows quick editing and making changes. The pen stylus also has replaceable tips, which significantly extends its life.

8. Graphic tablets are easy to use – they can be used by amateurs and professionals

Although years of practice and talent are required to become a professional graphic designer, basic graphic tablet operation is not exclusively reserved for “eagles”. Literally any person, regardless of their skills and experience, can create extraordinary illustrations, as well as retouch and process photos. Most beginners should start with tablets without a display because they are cheaper and less complicated to use.

9. It can be connected to the keyboard

A graphical tablet with a keyboard can also work as an alternative to netbook. You can quickly write and edit the results of your work on the display when you connect the screen tablet to a special keyboard. In such a situation, the pen acts as a mouse. You can write text documents, e-mails and even create Power Point presentations on the tablet. People who care about mobility can successfully use the tablet with a screen because it is thin, light and offers virtually the same possibilities as an advanced laptop.

10. Graphic tablets are available in different sizes and resolutions

A small graphic tablet absolutely does not affect precision during work. If you want to work on a detail, you can simply enlarge the document. The resolution of graphic tablets is also important if you choose a model with a display.

An advanced graphic tablet for beginners, who do not yet know whether they will use it only occasionally or regularly, but it may turn out to be a considerable expense.

It is worth noting, however, that a typical computer mouse is adapted to slightly different applications, and digital illustration and painting certainly do not belong to them. At the very beginning it is recommended to take short breaks while using a drawing tablet – this greatly relieves the hand. It is hard to imagine a device better than a graphics tablet, which has applications that go significantly beyond graphics, designing and editing photos.