Does the font affect the graphic design

Incorrectly selected font can destroy the effect of the project achieved through long and intensive work of the graphic designer. Unfortunately, in the case of young and thus inexperienced performers, this happens very often. Appropriate font selection affects the whole project. Fortunately, it turns out that it is not as difficult as it may seem at first sight. So it is worth learning the secrets of font selection, thanks to which you will be able to create only attractive in every respect graphic designs.

What should you know about typography?

Let’s start with what typography actually is. It is nothing more than a means by which the text takes on a visual form. What does the choice of form that affects the legibility of the text and the reader’s feelings depend on? It depends on hundreds or even thousands of available typefaces. A designer, or actually a graphic designer, must choose one. There are clear and easily eye-catching typefaces, as well as intriguing, eye-catching cuts, which are very often used in newspaper headlines and advertisements.

Please note that typography is not a static field. It is constantly developing and changing! The typefaces, which are currently used by graphic designers, were known as early as in the early historical times.

Text adjustment

Text adjustment is very important. This function makes the distance between words change. Using a large number of long words creates a free space between the words. You have to pay attention to it, because this arrangement of the text does not look good. Another thing is bastards and dividing words at the end of the line. In this situation you should move the words to the next line and divide them yourself.

Some people have problems with text adjustment, which makes the achieved effect unsatisfactory. If someone has doubts about this action, they should adjust the text block to the left. This will make it more readable. Finally, you read from left to right, and from the top, going down slowly.

Typeface design

Both the typefaces and families of typefaces are divided according to their assigned characteristics. Many typefaces were created nearly 500 years ago and are still being created today. At first they were cast in metal. In the past they were forged in stone. Today they are available in electronic version. This is a big change and also a benefit for designers. No wonder that the number of typefaces has increased significantly in recent years.

Undoubtedly, the era of digital technology has facilitated the design of new typefaces on the one hand and the transformation of existing ones on the other. That is why designers are constantly working on new typefaces and everything seems to be going pretty well with it.

The character of the typeface is important

It is not difficult to notice that some fonts are sad or funny, others are humorous or serious. By using them, writing a specific text, you can easily and above all effectively help the reader understand it. However, it should be remembered that if, for example, the character of the typeface does not properly match the content, assimilation of the content will become much more difficult.

Font parameters, i.e. its thickness, color and size

The font weight is its thickness. It is worth to differentiate it in each project. It is worth remembering that if the difference is small, it will be difficult to see it with the naked eye. It should be borne in mind that bold text always reads first, because it attracts attention.

Color is also an important issue, and this is something that is strongly emphasized when reading the text. This part of the text, which will be written in a different color than the rest of the text, will be more “eye-catching”. This is a good opportunity for the designer to draw attention to certain parts of the statement, emphasizing something important.

The introduction of contrast is well received when reading. Using a large header and a much smaller descriptive text for contrast. The difference in font size, as you can see, is also quite significant.

Enter text using the grid

The selection of appropriate fonts is part of the design process. It can be compared to the layout. When entering text, it is also good to use the grid. If, for example, the project is divided into vertical parts, then when entering text, it is important to remember this too.

Remember that the text you enter must be at an appropriate, safe distance from the edge of the material design. You have to leave free space from the edge of the workspace – preferably at least a few millimeters. This is very important because such an action can protect this important part of the project from being cut off during production. Anyway, this space is very important in this kind of projects.

As you can see, the topic of typography and its use in the process of designing advertising materials is very important. However, we hope that thanks to the above information, this activity will become easier. From now on, designing materials with the use of fonts will be easier, and for the reader the reception of such material will be more pleasant.